All of your Network
and Communication
in one box
Unclutter your IT infrastructure
A single interface
for Security and
Internet Protection
The single solution for your security needs
AtomOS is your single solution for all your networking needs

Your current IT infrastructure is likely requiring multiple boxes to serve your Network & Communications needs. This presumably includes multiple boxes supporting firewalls, content filters, routing and VoIP applications; each requiring individual training, maintenance, and ongoing licensing fees. The AtomOS provides ....
one platform, one interface, one operating system.
Security is paramount to any business. AtomOS can secure your network from one simple interface.
Save on multiple servers performing different tasks. AtomOS' "One Box" solution will save you time and money
Protect your network and Internet users using one interface with built in Firewall and Spam & Virus protection
Connect your users with VoIP or your entire WAN with built in VPN
AtomOS will simplify your network and save you money
Why spend money buying new servers when you may be able to repurpose existing servers
Why have dedicated servers for each service? AtomOS runs on a single box
One license for all of your services. Cheaper, Simpler, Smarter
Administer all of your services in one simple to use control panel
Lightweight installation means you can be up and running in minutes
No call centers reading from manuals here! Your call or email is received by a real AtomOS technician
What's possible using AtomOS
Stateful Firewall and Routing Features
Telephony & IP-PBX
Spam and Antivirus Filter
AtomOS Remote Manager
Web Filter & Accelerator
Captive Portal
QoS & Bandwidth Management
Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
Wireless Access Point
WWAN Support